Monday, March 1, 2010

Two events from SpiritStore at ev+a 2010

Marking the opening of ev+a 2010 - SpiritStore's, 'Packet and Tripe'
SpiritStore's, 'Catherine Street Culture Dig (CAT DIG)'

This year as part of SpiritStore's participation in ev+a 2010, the SpiritStore working art group are offering the Catherine Street Culture Dig (CAT DIG). Residents and traders of the street are participating with SpiritStore as hosts and instigators of a series of cultural events. To realise this weekly meetings are being held in various street venues to broker links between creative practitioners and the spaces and places offered by Catherine Street.The result will be a weekend of events - CAT DIG. The programme will include elements of experimental music, dance, theatre, workshops, performance, archeology, film projections, writing, puppetry, drawing clubs, twitter treasure hunts, digital installations, sound curiosities on the street all weekend, as well as many other events to be announced.The CAT DIG weekend will begin on Friday May 7th at 5.30 and finish at 5.30 on Sunday May 9th. Ongoing details of the project can be found on the SpiritStore Facebook and BLOG, as well as on a noticeboard outside Frenches Cafe. (

To introduce SpiritStores’ ‘Catherine Street Cultural Dig’ and to mark the opening of ev+a 2010, we will be serving the traditional Limerick dish, ‘Packet and Tripe’.
We will serve the dish at the corner of Thomas St and Catherine Street, on Saturday March 13th at 6pm.It will be served free and accompanied by excerpts read from Mike Finn’s limerick play, ‘Pigtown’. At the same time a film of tales and times associated with the dish from a generation of Limerick women who continue to prepare and serve the meal for themselves and their families, will be screened in the space during the event.
The inspiration to present this unique Limerick recipe in this manner was in reference to the continuous presence in the city centre of family butchers, the social history of Limerick as a 'Pigtown' and of course the ever present meat processing tales of Catherine Street.

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