Monday, March 1, 2010

Planning, Dialogue, Ideas

Gerry Flannery, of the streets famous bar, offered to host the second street meeting. The traders talked about ideas they had since last week and people were delegated jobs.
Ray Conlons Butcher Shop on Catherine Street with a sign for Packet and Tripe on the window.

Pat Fitzgeralds Key Cutting Shop - The message (walk it like you talk it) on the Shoe above Pat and his crew is not just for show. Pat has already discussed several ideas about his part in the project. Chance encounters become planning moments...Marilyn and the artist John Galvin discussing Johns insallation which will be across from the Old TSB Bank in May. John will be using data from old Limerick film footage and was one of the first artists to participate in the dig, searching for material from the old bank . He found old ledgers turning to dust in the basement of a local library.

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