Monday, April 11, 2011

CATDIG 2011 May13th-15th

In May 2010 as an ev+a 2010 project, SpiritStore created CATDIG. Residents and traders from Catherine street in Limerick city centre collaborated with SpiritStore to co-hosts and instigate a programme of cultural events on the street over one weekend, The Catherine Street Culture Dig.
In the interveening year SpiritStore has consulted with Catherine Street traders on a continuation the CATDIG project beyond the timeframe of EV+A. In 2011 the Catherine Street Traders are organising CATDIG 2011.

A weekend programme of events is currently being programmed, for anyone interested in participating as a cultural practicitioner - artist/designer/musician/commentator/dancer/writer/poet/
and more
please email;
A couple of lines describing your activity
A very short biog of yourself/ your group
The duration of your activity
Time you're available ( between Friday 6pm and Sunday 6pm, May13th,14th &15th)