Monday, March 1, 2010

Site the 'Packet and Tripe' and Getting to know the Street

The SpiritStore crew introduced ourselves at a public meeting on Catherine Street, attended by managers and owners of business on the street. A look at our previous project at the Sarsfield bar helped to give a flavour of how we work. This is a collaborative project, so while we talked about the types of events SpiritStore could broker/offer/support, at this meeting the street traders and Spiritstore started to get to know each other and to explore the potential of a weekend cultural festival together.
Residents of Catherine Street at the first SpiritStore meeting in Frenchs Café . The Space was generously given to us by Duncan O' Toole the owner. We gave a presentation on our last project and introduced the concept of filling the streets places and spaces with cultural events for one weekend. We intend to have a blackboard on the side of Frenchs to give details on meetings etc.

Marilyn, Clive and Sarah in Faber Studios looking out on the Site of the 'Packet and Tripe' event. This building will partially host the ev+a 2010 exhibition.

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