Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bussing it on Culture Night - Bus Route and approx times

As you may know SpiritStore is working with the InkStorm writers once again to bring live poetry writing to you for Culture Night with our Poetry Depot which is mobile this year.  InkStorm Poets, Dave Rock, Lisa Allen, Micheal Kearney and Deirdre Maria Sullivan will be on board a large red double decker, open top bus with pen in hand ready to meet you, chat and write for you.
The Red Viking Tour bus in Limerick city is our Poetry Depot venue for Culture Night.  It's the hop-on hop-off tour bus which you may have seen transporting people through the streets of Limerick for the past two years.  Pat is our bus driver for the night, he's a fountain of information, a real expert on the cultural treasures of Limerick. 
We've posted the bus route he'll take us on, the route is designed to drive close by as many of the venues open to you Limerick wanders for Culture Night.  We tour the city twice, once starting at City Hall at 6pm and again at 7.30pm. So basically, you just hop-on and off at the different stops as you want, or stay on board that little bit longer and commission a poem...
The times posted below are only an estimation as this is not his usual route, so please take into account that the times are approximate.
Bus Route

6pm   &  7.30                                      Merchants Quay/City Hall
6.05     &  7.35                                    King Johns Castle
6.15     &  7.45                                    Thomand Park
6.30     &  8.00                                    Liddy Street (outside old Dunnes)
Request stop at Arthurs Quay
6.40     &  8.10                                    Augustinian Church – O’Connell Street
6.45     &  8.15                                    Belltable Arts Centre
6.50    &  8.20                                     Perry Square – (bus stop outside CityArtGallery)
Request stop on Wickham street

Request stop at Horse and Hound Bar, Mulgrave Street for  Contact Studios

7.15      &  8.45                                  Limerick School of Art and Design, Clare Street.

7.25      &  8.55                                  Merchants Quay/City Hall

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SpiritStore/InkStorm Poetry Depot at CATDIG 2011

Watch out for the SpiritStore/Inkstorm Poetry Depot at Flannerys Bar on Sat at 1pm.

A Poetry Depot is a pop-up poetry shop. A place where poets compose personalized poems for you on the spot, based on topics, themes or forms suggested by you.
Commission a poem for someone, about someone, or simply commission a poem for yourself!

Monday, April 11, 2011

CATDIG 2011 May13th-15th

In May 2010 as an ev+a 2010 project, SpiritStore created CATDIG. Residents and traders from Catherine street in Limerick city centre collaborated with SpiritStore to co-hosts and instigate a programme of cultural events on the street over one weekend, The Catherine Street Culture Dig.
In the interveening year SpiritStore has consulted with Catherine Street traders on a continuation the CATDIG project beyond the timeframe of EV+A. In 2011 the Catherine Street Traders are organising CATDIG 2011.

A weekend programme of events is currently being programmed, for anyone interested in participating as a cultural practicitioner - artist/designer/musician/commentator/dancer/writer/poet/
and more
please email;
A couple of lines describing your activity
A very short biog of yourself/ your group
The duration of your activity
Time you're available ( between Friday 6pm and Sunday 6pm, May13th,14th &15th)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Process - Poetry Depot II

For several months now Inkstorm and SpiritStore have been emailing, phoning and meeting face to face. Our objectives have been to come to an agreement on the focus of our collaboration and on the methodologies we plan to use to prepare for, and later to run the next Poetry Depot in Galway.
The Limerick Poetry Depot was an important learning experience for us. Reflections on the concept, the delivery, the collaborative methods, the context, and on the participation (public and poets) have been used to ground this project in real terms.
It’s been particularly interesting process,  not only is the project a collaboration between artists and writers, but a sociologist/poet is in the mix which brings a new language to the table. The questions we use to shape the project, the research we've carried out, the definition of roles and definition of our individual aims, all reflect the dynamic of different disciplines coming together.
We've drafted several iterations of the project proposal, meeting face to face to thrash out the important conceptual and practical elements.
Currently we’re searching for locations for a writers workshop, a pop-up poetry cafe, and we're investigating the potentials for publishing.
The writer’s workshop is our immediate concern and is the first phase of the project; we're recruiting a group of writers interested in working collaboratively with the public under constrained conditions. This group of writers will help us refine the collaborative writing process we've been developing.