Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting the word out

These are the Flyers for The May Week end with the information Flyers for The Packet and Tripe event that will be handed out by the Catherine St location scout team. Brid and Amy will be visiting the street this week.
The mobile phone is the office! There are quite a lot of last minute changes at the moment requiring many phone calls. Every contact has a back up and its best to move on as quickly as possible.

Planning happens wherever is most convenient to the people involved, here Sharon and Stephanie (Teaspach Theatre Company) with Marilyn at Dawns house on a Thursday evening.

So far we've held two public meetings with traders on Catherine street. The Street print information for meetings was a temporary run of posters that were placed and removed. The Black board outside French’s will be operational this week.
Once our Packet and Tripe, ev+a opening event is completed this weekend, we're calling an artist's meeting... keep your eye's out for the call if you're interested.

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