Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SpiritStore - Cat Dig

SpiritStore - Cat Dig (Catherine Street Culture Dig)

SpiritStore a working art group, as part of ev+a 2010, propose to run a weekend cultural festival in a similar mode to our project in the Sarsfield Bar. We’ll transfer the ethos, the activities and the fun that we enjoyed last summer onto the street.
SpiritStore will facilitate a weekend programme of diverse cultural activities on Catherine street, Limerick City in early/mid May.

This SpiritStore project, as part of ev+a 2010, seeks to infuse Catherine Street with a busy collection of free talks, performances, debates / discussions, screenings, readings, meetings and encounters with musicians, performers, writers, visual artists, dancers, film makers, collectives, as well as varied clubs, societies and professions.
This is an open invitation for all to experience, absorb and to creatively stimulate the heart of the city.
We are calling for volunteers, are you interested?
We’re putting a management team together and we need people for all types of roles. If you’re interested and available for a couple of hours a week for the next ten weeks please email us and let us know if you’d like to help!
Thanks a million,