Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SpiritStore Volunteers Perspective

Hi my name is Eilish and I am a volunteer in the SpiritStore Art Café.
This blog extract is about the favourite bits of my time in the space. I love hanging out in the SpiritStore, there is good tea and coffee and great conversation. I enjoy meeting the drop-in people and the characters of limerick city;
I have had conversation on diverse topics such as architecture, dreams, astronomy, limerick history, mathematics and art. I get a lot out of an honest conversation; one that happens naturally and I’ve had many of such conversation in the SpiritStore.

This space is relaxing, I feel that both the volunteers and punters alike feel like this place is a home of sorts. I would describe this project as a petridis where ideas mix and breed to curate a new beast, a hybrid.

The events have being wide ranging and interesting, from the Whitehouse Poets to developing Indian museums, from setting up Artists Collectives to the Alexander technique. I’ve been here when there was a packed house and small crowds but people have always engaged.
Eilish Tuite

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