Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slack Spaces

Over the past few months we've been chatting with curator Annette Molloney about the phenomenon of 'Slack Spaces', we asked her to come and give an overview of this phenomenon that we are very much a part off...
Her introduction to the talk began,
Artists and creative practitioners are increasingly making use of vacant commercial units or 'slack spaces' to realise art projects, create pop-up or guerrilla galleries or to establish studio facilities...the discussion will explore a brief history of arts practice in shops and office buildings, while also addressing the issue of short term supports for contemporary art and artists and longer term sustainability.
Also contributing to the dialogue was Jessamyn Fiore, Director of thisisnotashop – who gave a presentation on an alternative, not for profit gallery, which she founded in Dublin in January 2006. This space is dedicated to supporting the work of emerging artists from both Ireland and abroad. (

Colour Image courtesy of thisisnotashop

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