Thursday, August 20, 2009

BookClub, Artist Collectives, Film Script Writing...

The first meeting of the the SpiritStore BookClub was a place to pitch books and nominate titles. The club have decided to put a list together of (reasonably priced) books that they know are available in town, and to meet every Wed lunchtime. This weeks title hasnt been announced, we'll keep you posted...
Ok this weeks book is Books V's Cigarettes by George Orwell
Next meeting is Wed 26th at SpiritStore 1 - 2pm

Sean Taylor's talk on Artists Collectives had our biggest turn out so far. He referenced the artistic, social and political circumstances that have bred Ireland's artists collectives, from Art & Research Exchange (ARE) in Belfast to the Cork Artists Collective and beyond. Given his involvement in up to five collectives, he is well placed to recommend strategies, and to pinpoint pitfalls when setting up and maintaining a group.

We can email his presentation to anyone at the talk you'd like a copy.

Last evenings slot (Wed 19th Aug) Ailbhe Keogans honest portrayal of the writing journey was an inspiration. From Molly and the Cyclops to her current film script, her talk ultimately brought an understanding of the creative, mental, physical and structural, nature of her writing.
For anyone in the audience interested, she can be contacted through SpiritStore.

Finally a word of appreciation for all those who have offered to participate, and/or who have filled out our submission form. So far we have been programming through our own contacts to get the show on the road, but it is very heartening to receive offers. In the four days since we've opened we've had five offers, so thank you very much!

The programme is almost full to the end of August, we're starting to look at September.

If you feel you'd like to contribute please email, contact us through facebook, this blog, or drop by and chat. Our aim is to accommodate as much as we are physically able to, in the time we have.

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