Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breda Lynch - 'Song for the Siren'

Sunday 27th Sept Breda Lynch - Visual Artists Talk - Breda talks about her new solo exhibition 'Song to the Siren' .............

The exhibition 'Song to the Siren' is comprised of a body of new drawings and photographic works by Breda currently showing at the Galway Arts Centre. This solo show explores and draws inspiration from areas of the Gothic that examine gender identity within art, literature, film and more contemporary influences such as Goth street style, music and subculture. It also includes a specially made for Galway Arts Centre video/sound installation titled 'The Kiss', which is a collaborative piece by Breda Lynch and Cork based artists Not Abel.

Other art works presented in ‘Song to the Siren’ are a series of drawings that celebrate the appearance and strength of image of 70's Punk/Goth music icon Siouxsie Sioux to the street savvy girls in typical Goth, Post-Goth attire, which in turn describes a type of 'freakish' beauty or the display of physical appearance that assumes the position of 'outsider'. Indeed the Goth sub-culture has been based on making the badge outsiderdom a proud rejection of conventional society. This series of drawings amalgamate these current dialogues with more historical areas of Gothic literature referring to descriptions of young women caught up in stituations about unrequited love, forbidden love, or doomed love scenarios for example 'Carmilla' by La Fanu or 'Christabel' by ColeridgeLynch’s video/sound installation ‘The Kiss’ appropriates clips from the 1931 German b/w film 'Madchen in Uniform', which was deemed controversial at the time and was censored for various reasons. This inspired film based on a true story describes love that was considered dark or ill-advised - the 'love that dares not speak its name'

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