Sunday, September 26, 2010

SpiritStore Poetry Depot at Limerick Culture Night

Culture Night Limerick 2010 has come and gone, and the first SpiritStore Poetry Depot opened for business.
We were delighted with the crowds that turned up to commission a poem, and the appreciation and enthusiasm shown by all. Huge thanks to everyone who supported the event and especially to the 45 poeple who commissioned poems and came up with inspiring ideas.  Finally we are very grateful to the poets who generously gave their time and energy to each person who came to them. In the photos above are, on the right, poet Elaine Cosgrove (Galway) with one of her commissioners. On the left, Dave Rock (Founder Inkstorm, Galway), Sheila O' Donnell (Limerick), Teri Murray (Limerick), Mike mcCaughan (Galway) and John Carmody (Limerick).

Finally thanks to Viola Janvari, Tracy Fahey, Maria Kelleher and Colin Cox for their PR work on the day.

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