Thursday, May 20, 2010

With and Around

This post is a slight repetition, but we've noticed that there has been a lot of discussion since CATDIG about artist-led or public-led events and DIY culture.

We'd like to add this to the agenda for a public feedback session.
Rather than work against a situation/regulations/restrictions, our philosophy is to work 'with' were possible (which has required a degree of empathy) and 'around' when necessary (lateral thinking!). We like to add this to the agenda, but not make it the main point.
To repeat, here are some of the issues we'd like you to consider -
We think it's important that projects like the CATDIG are independently sustainable, but also need to encourage that to happen, do you agree? A lot of the traders are talking about the possibility of doing this themselves next year....we want to hand ownership back to the street, how do you practically do that, can that work, how would it work, what experiences did the weekend give us to help that to happen...etc?

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