Thursday, April 22, 2010

CATDIG Programme Ready

The programme is READY!!!! So while we were silent here for a week or three, we were hard at working matching places with people, talking to Catherine Streets proprietors and the myriad of participants who submitted ideas for events, we have now created a very packed and seriously cool programme for CATDIG
Expect to see a giant parcel passed through the street, take in a short movie at the outdoor pop-up cinema, catch a spontaneous tango on the street, listen to the author of ‘Alone It Stands’, tune your ears to the cello, take a theatre workshop at Faber studio or learn to edit sound for an art performance, add your story to a map of the streets history, make a noble call at the Big Hooley, trail limericks ghosts and spirits, write a screenplay, ponder a poem....all is possible and this is only a fraction of your choices!

A preview will be available online at our website shortly

...print it off and start planning your weekend.

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